Activating Focus Time


By the end of this article, you will be able to activate Focus Time, which blocks distracting websites and mutes Slack notifications.

Activating "Focus Time" through the Friday planner allows you to create focused time blocks. Block distracting websites and pause Slack notifications so you can do deep work.

To begin, start in the planner section of your Friday account:

Under "Schedule" at the top of your planner, select "Focus Time"

Select the time period you wish to schedule focus time (This can be set to start immediately or at a time later the same day)

Input websites you wish to have blocked (Friday will gently remind you to stay focused if you attempt to access these sites during your focus time)*

Help to further limit distractions by connecting your workplace Slack to Friday. This connection will automatically put your Slack account in "away" during focus time and return you to "active" once focus time has ended.

You can see how we mark you as away in Slack and mute direct messages:

Click "Schedule Focus Time" and you're ready to focus!

*Website blocking is only currently available on the Google Chrome browser with the Friday Google Chrome Extension installed

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