Sending Kudos


By the end of this article, you will be able to share "Kudos" with your team

Your company is filled with great people doing amazing work! Kudos on Friday is a quick and easy way to show you an appreciation for that work. Kudos can also be linked to Slack or Microsoft Teams to notify the recipients when a Kudo has been set to them. Let's look step by step at how you can send Kudos to a team member directly from Friday. 

Starting on the "Home" page of your Friday, go to the top right corner of the page to the "+" icon

Hovering over the "+" icon will bring a dropdown menu

On the dropdown menu, select "Send a Kudo"

Select the team member(s) you wish to send Kudos to and tell them what you are thankful for

If you have the company handbook power-up enabled you can then tag company values in you kudos.

Select if you want the Kudo to be sent privately or publicly (publicly will post your Kudos to your company "Friday Feed" and linked Slack account)

Click "Send Kudos" to let your thanks be known!

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