Creating a personal check-in


By the end of this article, you will learn how to set up a personal check-in. 

Personal check-ins are a great way to reflect and prioritize your work on a regular basis. Think of it as a digital habit journal.

Quick start:

If you'd like to see a quick overview of how to set up a personal check-in, feel free to watch the video below!

Configuring a personal check-in:

Getting up and running with a personal check-in is easy and takes a few minutes to setup:

  1. Click on the check-in page, and click the "new check-in" button
  2. Select "just me" when prompted with the question - "Who will be participating in this check-in?"
  3. Select a pre-defined template (daily recap, morning plan, etc) or start configuring a check-in from scratch
  4. Pick questions and prompts you'd like to answer on a repeating basis. There are a variety of types available (open-ended, emoji, numeric, and more)
  5. Select a cadence that makes sense for you. How frequently would like you to be prompted to share an update? We will send an email when it's time to respond.
  6. [optional] Select a reminder if you forget to share an update. For example, you can receive a final notification if you need a bit more encouragement.

Viewing responses

After you share an update, responses will roll up to their own feed so you can see what you said over time. It's like a Facebook feed or journal for your past entries.

Reporting and insights over time

For your check-ins, Friday automatically compiles reports and aggregates actionable insights over time. There are two views:

  • Batch (a snapshot of activity for a given period)
  • Trends (a collection of batches over time). This is available for paid customers.

You can read about reporting in more detail on our reports page.

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