Managing Tasks in Friday


By the end of this article, you will be able to manage your current tasks in Friday.

Once a task is created or brought into Friday, there are several options you have for managing these tasks. You can mark tasks as completed, move them to a different day, set them as reoccurring, or delete them entirely.

To mark a task as completed, simply click the "circle" next to the task. This will cause the task to be grayed and stricken.

To move a task to a different day, hover over the task you wish to reassign. Then select the "calendar" icon. From there, select where you move this task to (selecting "Future" will move the task to the unassigned "Future" tab)

To set a task as reoccurring, hover over the task you wish to set as reoccurring. Then select the "circular arrow" icon. From there, select the frequency that you wish for this task to repeat

To delete a task from Friday, hover over the task that you want to delete. Then select the "trash can" icon

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