Creating a team check-in


By the end of this article, you will learn how to setup a check-in for your team. Team check-ins make it easy to automate routine updates, like daily standups, weekly updates, check-ins, and whatever else you can dream up!

If you use check-ins, you will spend less time in meetings because updates will be shared asynchronously. Even better, you may find that you don't need to hold the meeting at all!

Quick Start

Feel free to watch the video below to learn how to setup an automated check-in with your team!

Configuring a team routine:

  1. Click on the check-ins page, and click the "new check-in" button
  2. Select "multiple people" when prompted with the question - "Who will be participating in this routine?"
  3. Select a pre-defined template (daily standup, Monday kick-off, weekly check-in) or begin configuring a routine from scratch
  4. Pick questions and prompts you'd like your team to answer on a regular basis. There are a variety of types available (open-ended, emoji, 1-10 scale, and more)
  5. [optional, but recommended] Enable a power-up. Power-ups make your routines more fun and enjoyable. For example, you could ask your team to answer icebreaker questions or send kudos to coworkers.
  6. Pick a frequency/schedule - how often would you like to prompt your team for an update? You can also send automated reminders to people who haven't responded.
  7. Add participants. Who should answer the questions? If you haven't invited anyone yet, simply type in their email address(es) into this box.
  8. Pick where you'd like to notify participants. You can choose email, Slack, Microsoft Teams, or Zoom Chat. Friday will send participants a direct message when it's time to share an update.
  9. Pick who can see the updates. Routines can be visible to the team, or only accessible to specific people. It's up to you!
  10. [optional, but recommended] Push updates into a channel. As your team completes updates, you can push responses into a channel in Slack or Teams. Alternatively, you can send a single notification at a given time of your choosing with the report option.

Viewing responses


You can push responses into tools like Slack and Teams for maximum visibility. Responses are also displayed directly in the feed in Friday. For example, you can see a stream of daily standups, weekly updates, and more. 

Who can view responses
  • All Check-In Participants - Anyone who is participating in the check-in can view others responses.
  • Just Me - Only the creator of the check-in will be able to view responses.
  • Entire Company - Anyone with an active Friday account in your organization will be able to view responses.
  • Managers - Organization admins, team leaders or viewers of teams created in Friday will be able to view responses.
  • Custom - You may select any individual(s) with a Friday account in your organization to view responses.

Note - If you push responses to a Slack or Teams channel, all members of that channel will be able to view responses there regardless of settings in Friday.

Reporting & Insights

For your check-in, Friday automatically compiles reports and aggregates actionable insights over time. There are two views:

  • Batch (a snapshot of activity for a given period)
  • Trends (a collection of batches over time). This is available for paid customers.

You can read about reporting in more detail on our reports page, but here's a quick example of what reports look like:

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