Configuring Icebreakers


By the end of this article, you will be able to create and configure ice breakers

Ice Breakers make it easy to ask fun questions as part of your regular updates. Add your own questions, we’ll rotate through one of them at a time and display the responses in their own feed in addition to people profiles.

Enabling Ice breakers

  1. Begin in the "Power-ups" section under settings
  2. Under "Power-ups available", enable ice breakers

Configuring Ice breakers

Ice breakers can be configured for use in different routines with notifications that can be linked to an office Slack or Microsoft Teams channel. Your team members can be prompted to answer an Ice breaker question that is added to a routine.  Additional customizable questions can be added at any time.

Adding customized questions to Ice Breakers

Get to know your team more and in fun ways with additional questions

  1. Select "Power-ups" under setup and select "Options" next to Icebreakers
  2. Select "Questions" and "Add another prompt"
  3. Add as many questions as you like. Choose how these questions will be answered, examples include open-ended, emoji, numeric and more

Answering Questions

Ice breaker questions can be answered in a number of different ways. Add an ice breaker prompt into a routine that you set up for your team. They will be prompted to answer a new question each time they respond to the routine. Learn more about routines and how to set them up for you or your team.

Linking to a Slack or Microsoft Teams Channel

The Friday bot also gives you the ability to post kudos and icebreakers into the channel of your choosing. If you'd like to set this up, please visit the power-ups page and click on options. You will have the ability to pick a channel that makes sense for you.

Here is more information about linking Slack and Microsoft Teams to Friday.

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