Why Goals?


The purpose of this article is to outline why you should use goals in Friday. After reading this post, you will be able to understand how goals helps you stay aligned and in sync with your team at work.

Staying aligned is easier said than done

Teams and organizations operate at their best when there's a clear sense of alignment that permeates through the entire organization. Unfortunately, this is rarely the case in modern organizations. It's common for cross-functional teams to be unaware of what other teams are working on across the company. Additionally, it's rare to see team goals "ladder-up" to broader organizational objectives.

This stuff matters and everyone knows that this is important, but it's easier said than done.

The major problems with existing goal-setting approaches

There are a few primary issues that most organizations face, especially when working from anywhere. These problems are:

  1. The visibility problem. Teams oftentimes do quarterly planning and goal setting. They will hold a meeting and outline goals in a doc/spreadsheet, but these documents collect dust, people forget about them, and the goal doesn't drive a change in what people prioritize and work on.
  2. Who is responsible? The next problem is that it can be difficult to understand who is responsible for what. Who is the directly responsible individual for a particular goal? There's a need to create accountability.
  3. What is the status? The next issue is that it can be very difficult to understand the current status (or progress) of a goal. Are we ahead or behind our target? Are we going to hit our goal by the end date or not? Leaders will oftentimes hold status update meetings as a way to compensate. Sometimes they will ask team members to share a status update, but the experience requires a lot of handholding and manual effort (reminding people to fill out an update)
  4. Different tools for different teams - different teams use different project management tools. If a team uses a tool like Asana or Jira to share goals, other teams or departments won't get the visibility they need (as they oftentimes don't have access to the tool!)

How Friday solves these problems

Friday solves the major problems listed above. Here's how:

1.) How Friday solves the visibility problem

Goals in Friday are visible throughout the app, which means more people are likely to use it. For example, you can see your goal progress on the homepage (seen below)

You can also see this on the daily planner as you roadmap your day as well.

2.) How Friday solves the "who is responsible" problem

All goals in Friday have an owner, or a directly responsible individual. This is the person responsible for reporting on goal progress.

3.) How Friday solves the "what's the current status?" problem

Sharing progress on goals can easily be added to routines in Friday. This embeds sharing progress into existing routines, like weekly updates.

4.) How Friday solves tool fragmentation

Friday is a layer on top of existing project management tools. We are agnostic to the tools you use, whether it's Jira, Asana, or something else.

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