In this guide, you will learn how to configure and customize the Friday + Slack integration. This integration will help you:

  1. Automate routine communication, like daily standups or weekly updates. Create more predictable communication
  2. Push kudos or icebreaker answers into Slack channels
  3. Update your Slack status & mark yourself as do-not-disturb when you have meetings or go into focus time.

Friday aims to be a process & coordination layer for Slack. Friday is not aimed to be a replacement for Slack, but a complementary tool that helps you centralize ad-hoc Slack bots into one place and use workplace chat more effectively.


There are two ways to connect to Slack. You can do it personally or for your team. We've outlined each option below:

1.) For you (focus time & meeting status)

If you'd like to use Friday to update your status and mark you as do not disturb when you have meetings or enter focus time, visit your planner and click settings:

Then, click "Slack" and authenticate.

2.) For your team/company (routine updates, kudos, & icebreakers)

To install the Friday Slack bot for your team or company, please navigate to the integrations page, find the Slack integration, and click "connect". 

After you authorize the Slack integration, it should look like the following screenshot to show that Slack is connected:

How to automate routine updates in Slack

If you'd like to use Slack to help streamline routine updates like daily standups or weekly updates, please create a routine or edit an existing routine. You should see a screen that looks like the following:

1.) Configuring Slack prompts

As you configure a routine, enable Slack as an option for the question: " Where should we prompt participants to share an update" in the participants section:

By selection this option, we will ping participants in Slack (via direct message) to provide an update at the time you chose. This direct message looks like the following:

2.) Sharing updates in Slack

The next configuration option allows you to push updates into Slack. You can:

  1. Push updates into a channel as people share them (for maximum visibility)
  2. Send a single notification at a particular time when it's time to view the report (to minimize Slack notifications)

Or you can do both! Please watch the gif below to see how you can configure sharing:

Please note, if you decide to push updates into Slack, the content will be available to anyone in that Slack channel. The routine visibility option only applies to the Friday application!

Sharing kudos and icebreakers in Slack

The Friday bot also gives you the ability to post kudos and icebreakers into the channel of your choosing. If you'd like to set this up, please visit the power-ups page and click on options. You will have the ability to pick a channel that makes sense for you.


1.) Can I receive a DM when someone shares an update?

Yes! Please visit your notifications and enable Slack DMs for the routine. You can see how this works below:

This is great for routines you'd like to respond to quickly.

2.) Can I turn off Slack DMs?

Yes. When someone creates a routine and enables the Slack integration, it turns on notifications for all participants, but you can change your notification type if desired to remove this (to email or push notifications). Please make sure you keep one option available, otherwise you won't be prompted to share an update!

To make this change, please visit your notification settings.

3.) I'm not getting DMs from the Friday bot in Slack!

Please make sure your email address in Friday matches the email address in Slack. 

If the email addresses don't match in both systems, we won't know how to associate the accounts, so the DM won't send :(

4.) I'm not seeing a Slack channel when configuring a routine

It's most likely a private channel, so you will need to invite the Friday bot first, otherwise it won't show up as an option.

To invite the Friday bot, please visit the private channel and use the '/' slash command and add the app to the channel:

After you've done this, this channel will show up as an option when configuring a routine.

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