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By the end of this post, you should understand how to get up and running with Microsoft Teams and Friday.


If you'd like to see how to setup and use the Microsoft Teams + Friday integration in a few minutes, please watch the video below!


To install the Friday bot for Microsoft Teams, please login and visit the integrations page and connect to Microsoft Teams. After you connect to Teams, you should see the following:


Here's how to use the Teams integration in Friday.

Automate routine updates in Teams

If you'd like to use Teams to help streamline routine updates like daily standups or weekly updates, please create a routine or edit an existing routine. You should see a screen that looks like the following:

1.) Configuring Teams prompts

As you configure a routine, enable Teams as an option for the question: "  Where should we prompt participants to share an update" in the participants section:

By selection this option, we will ping participants in Teams (via direct message) to provide an update at the time you chose in the routine configuration step. This direct message our bot sends looks like the following:

2.) Sharing updates in a Teams Channel

The next configuration option allows you to push updates into Teams. You can:

  1. Push updates into a channel as people share them (for maximum visibility)
  2. Send a single notification at a particular time when it's time to view the report (to minimize Teams notifications)

Or you can do both! Please see the image to see how you can configure sharing: 

You can see the update pushed into a Slack channel here:

Please note, if you decide to push updates into Teams, the content will be available to anyone in that Teams channel. The routine visibility option only applies to the Friday application!

FAQ // Troubleshooting

1.) Having issues receiving notifications from Friday in MS Teams?

We rely on email addresses matching between Friday and MS Teams in order to properly send Direct Messages. If the email addresses seem to match, try the following to get notifications working properly:

  • Open MS Teams and click "Apps"
  • Find "Friday" and click on it
  • Next to the "Open" button is a drop-down arrow, click that and "Add to a team"
  • Search for the team, ideally, one that has the most users from your Organization (this helps us match via email) and click 'Set up a bot'
  • This will take you into that channel's compose window, where you can tag the bot
  • This will link things up on our end and hopefully get your notifications flowing

2.) Having issues selecting MS Teams channels to post responses to in Friday?

  • Open MS Teams and click "Apps"
  • Find "Friday" and click on it
  • Click "Open" which will pull up a private DM conversation with the Friday bot
  • Type 'help' and hit enter
  • The bot will respond with a message and a link next to "Having trouble with your Friday integration?" Click the link.
  • This will take you back into the Friday app's integration settings screen
  • Delete your current MS Teams integration here, then re-add it.
  • Channels should now be selectable in the dropdowns for your powerups and in the routine builder.

If this still doesn't get your integration working, contact us at for further troubleshooting!

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