Google Calendar


By the end of this article, you will be able to connect your Google Calendar or multiple Google Calendars to Friday.

Friday helps you plan out your day and stay on top of tasks. Integrating your calendar(s) with Friday allows for you to road map your day so that you can do your best work! Below we will go through the steps to integrating calendars with Friday. 


  1. From the planner page of your Friday, select settings near the upper right corner of the screen
  2. By default, the settings page will open to your calendar settings. If it doesn't, select "Calendar" on the left side of the pop-up box
  3. From here, select the appropriate calendar depending on if you use Google or Outlook calendars
  4. Follow the onscreen prompts to log into your account
  5. These steps may be completed for as many calendars as you wish to add


Once your Google Calendar is connected to Friday you will be able to view all of your appointments during your working hours. Friday allows you to connect to your Zoom or Google Meet calls. Seeing your appointments and tasks in one place allows you to better road map your day. Schedule "Focus Time" during free time to get your best work done.

Calendars connected with Friday can also be toggled on and off. This will allow you to view your work, personal or any other calendars you may connect to your planner separate from each other.

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