In this post, you will see how our Todoist integration works in Friday!

Why should I setup the Todoist integration?

The Friday + Todoist integration helps you:

  1. Attach Todoist tasks when sharing routine updates. This will save you time and improve the quality of the updates you write.
  2. Attach Todoist tasks to your daily planner, so you can see meetings and todos in a single view. This helps you better roadmap your day and better allocate your time.

Setting up the Todoist integration

The easiest way to setup the Todoist integration is to navigate to the planner page and click the settings button (shown below):

Then, click the "connect" button for Todoist.

If you want to filter tasks based on the project, click the dropdown caret and check/uncheck the projects you'd like to include or remove.


Here's how you can use Todoist tasks in Friday.

1.) When sharing updates

When completing a routine in Friday, you can your tasks and attach them to your updates in one click.

2.) When using the daily planner

We will also pull Todoist tasks with a due date of today into the planner. This helps you see your tasks and meetings together in one view.

If a Todoist task doesn't have a due date, it will go in the "future" section of the planner. You can also see today's tasks on the homepage view:

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