The purpose of this article is to give an overview of Friday's Loom integration.

In addition to the text, attachments, and screenshots uploaded to routine responses and posts, Friday offers direct loom integration as another option for sharing. Below you will find the steps to create and share a Loom video within Friday. (Note - a Loom account and proper permissions on your computer are required)

Inside a Post or Routine, type "/" to display the list of our editor features.

Select Loom, and the loom controls will appear. From here, configure the settings as needed and start recording. Record your Loom video as normal.

When finished, stop the recording, and the Loom video will be finalized and posted directly to your Post or Routine response in Friday. Once the Post or Routine response is published, your video will then be viewable by anyone with permission to view that post or response in Friday.

Any Loom recordings captured within Friday will also be saved to your Loom personal library for viewing or sharing.

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